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Welcome to my Photography website, again I apologize for the sparse nature, I tore down my other photo website and replaced it with this one, I have as yet to finalize all of the tweaks, so it will take a while to get this how I want.  However, I will put up all of my photography over the course of the follwing few weeks.  It's going to take a while!

Okay about me, my name is Scott, and I live in Pinellas County Florida (that's in the USA for those that don't know it)  and it's a haven for beach-goers and the like.  wink  I've been taking pictures for well over 30 years now, first with wildlife & birding photography, then architectural photography, then for my digital art (textures and the like).  Oh yes, did I say I was a published and award winning Digital & VFX Artist?  Yep!  Sure am!  Well over the years I have taken pictures of family and friends, then when I got heavy into my digital art, I had the software means to edit and otherwise "alter" photo's...  time after time I heard "Hey Scott, you really should take more pictures of people! 

Well...  Here I am!  I am hip deep in Digital Art throughout my long work-week, so my photography is sort of a relief valve.  It's my get-away, so to speak. 


Enjoy your stay!  Please don't forget to sign the guest book!


If you want to reach me to find out my rates for various photo sessions, please feel free to use my contact page or drop me a line via email:  photography@2753productions.com


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